Classroom Activities for the Frog Prince

The Frog Prince is an enchanting fairy tale, by Brother’s Grimm. A young princess is out playing with her golden ball and drops it in some deep water. The water is too deep and a frog retrieves it for her. The princess has to keep her promise and invite him to spend a day with her. This kind action breaks an evil spell and the frog turns into a prince. How can this be used in the primary classroom?

*Role play area

In the role play area have prince and princess outfits and a golden ball where the children can dramatize the story in their own way. If the topic is part of a fairy tale topic then the children can dress up in princess costumes and act out several fairy tales. They can make their own crowns and make their own invitations to the fairy tale wedding.

*Water Area

In the Water Area recreate the story. Have plastic frogs in the water which can also be used for counting and linked in with Maths vocabulary. Words such as “how many?” “Deep” “shallow” and “high” can be discussed.


As well as using the water area to expand vocabulary, investigations can be invented. Have a box with the princess dresses in where children can count them. The children could have a template of dresses and stick on coloured shape to create new princess dresses.


Depending on their age and ability the children can make a class book or little individual books. The more able might write words or sentences. Key words from the book can be made into flashcards to recap with the children. Simple questions and answers about the book or predictions of what will happen next can be discussed when reading the story for the first time. The children can talk about the parts they enjoyed the most or compare it with other fairy tales.

*Circle Time

In the story the king tells the princess she must keep her promise. The princess finds the idea of inviting a frog into her home frightening but she must keep her word. This is an excellent opportunity for children to discuss the importance of keeping promises and why sometimes it can be difficult. The issues of good verses bad can be talked about and how actions can cause consequences.

*Art/Design and Technology

The children can make their own crowns, or paint their own characters from the fairy tale. A display board can be made of the castle grounds and the characters and parts of the story or a board of different characters from fairy tale stories. CBeebies has colouring pages to inspire children of the events in the story. 


In the book the princess loves throwing and catching the golden ball. In PE the children can practice their throwing and catching skills alone or in pairs. A game can be made up using some of the movements in the book such as jumping like the frog, walking, skipping and running like the princess.

In conclusion The Frog Prince is a story that can be used over many different subjects. Entertaining and fun it is great in the Foundation class room.