Creating Opportunities for Children to Explore Creative Writing

There are many ways to create opportunities for children to explore creative writing. It can happen in everyday life. Children can learn a lot when they are young. Its our responsibility to introduce them to things and surroundings that influence them.

1. First of all, we have to help them build a reading habit. This should start when they are really young. Read to your child everyday. Listening to a story improves the child’s imagination and vocabulary skills.

2. Imagination is the base for creativity. Once the children expand their imagination and start putting things on paper, that is the first step to creative writing. Vocabulary is very important because the words used play an important role in making a story or a novel much more touching and impressive.

3. Have them make up their own stories and tell everyone. Add to it, and make it more interesting.

4. You can also start a game called ‘Making your own story?’. In this game, have a bunch of kids sit in a circle and have one of them start a story, then each child adds something to it and make their own story. That way every child comes up with ideas of their own.

4. Encourage your child to use the dictionary. Once the child is into reading, they tend to read a lot of books and we have to make sure they understand what they read. Have them carry a pocket dictionary and use it whenever its needed. This improves their vocabulary & spelling which helps them improve their writing capabilities. The more they know, the more they are interested.

5. Listen to your children and answer their questions and never say “I don’t know”. This gives them encouragement to learn more. Learning improves creativity.

6. Most schools also encourage children writing journals everyday or atleast once/twice a week. Create topics that may interest your child and have them write about them. They enjoy writing about things they like.

7. Have the kids write a daily journal, about the things they did that day. You can help them improve their writing skills by asking them questions like ‘What did you do at school today?’ , ‘Did you play basketball?’, ‘Did you go swimming?’ etc
Also encourage them writing about places you visit!

8.Many public libraries offer programs story telling / reading / writing programs for children which are really helpful. They also invite authors to talk about their books to inspire the kids. Just meeting the author may inspire your child to become one.

Writing improves as they write more & more. It may seem difficult in the beginning but becomes enjoyable as they are into it.