Creative Ways to Make a Classroom Bulletin Board more Interesting

When children find bulletin boards more interesting, they may be more likely to pay attention to them and to learn.  There are a number of ways to make a bulletin board more fascinating, including the following methods. 

Make it “pop out”

A lot of students might find bulletin boards more interesting if they are not just papers on a board but instead actual things that come out.  For instance, if you are doing a bulletin board on the solar system, you could cut Styrofoam balls in half and stick them on there so that it looks like they are more realistic.  If you are making a bulletin board on different animals, then you can attach some stuffed animals to the board.  You could use art supplies to make things stand out as well such as embellishments like sequins, feathers, beads and other such things.

Make it interactive

A bulletin board can be more interesting if you make it so that it is interactive.  For instance, let’s say you are doing a bulletin board in an English class about books.  You can make the bulletin board seem like one big book.  It can have large pages that the children can turn from one end to the other, with different information on each of the different pages.  Another way to make it interactive is to have little quizzes or information hidden under flaps.  You can use paper to cover up parts of the bulletin board that can flip up.  Also you can just have trivia questions on the board that the students can try to answer.  You can even make some sort of big puzzle like a crossword puzzle related to the academic subject that the students can come up to fill out.  You can even incorporate sounds and lights into your bulletin board.  For instance, you can take some Christmas tree lights and put it around it to make it stand out.  You can add a bell or something else to make noise if you can relate it to the subject.

Place in photographs

A lot of students find photographs to be very interesting.  Putting these in might make them pay more attention to it.

Let the students put their own work on it

Students might find a bulletin board more interesting if they have contributed to it.  You could let them help you put it together or place their work as part of it.

A bulletin board can be a great way to both decorate your classroom and teach the students something at the same time.  Consider the above tips to help make these more interesting.