Creativty Exists in the American Education System

While the American education system may appear on the surface to be removing creativity, the opposite is true.  In fact, today’s education system actually encourages creativity more than ever before.  Read on to hear how state standards and a common core curriculum support creativity in the classroom rather than limiting it.

The common core curriculum has been adopted by over 42 states since June, 2010.  The curriculum establishes the goal that upon graduation students will find success in either a career or college without remediation.  Some people claim standardizing graduation criteria removes creativity from the educational system.  However, to meet the overarching goal of success teachers will teach in ways that require longer term successes rather than studying to pass an annual state test.

To succeed at this task, teachers must encourage learners to be active thinkers.  They will relate subject matter to real life and lead students to deep knowledge on conceptual applications.  To do this, teachers and students must think outside the box.  Teachers must use creative methods to motivate, engage, and encourage persistence in their students.

See, teachers do not merely teach a list of standards.  They teach students.  To do so with success, teachers must utilize interesting approaches, making material connect or come to life for their students.  Whether teaching through music, videos, presentations, or other multiple intelligence approaches, successful teachers must be creative and engaging. 

Making connections across various subjects also requires creativity.  As teachers meet in teams to target particular students’ needs, they often design projects for students that connect various subjects.  For example, when a math teacher explores exponential growth, he or she relates the material to a unit the economics teacher addresses about the national debt.  When a math teacher explores patterns and relationships, he or she relates the material to music notes on a page and the patterns of a twelve measure phrase.

While some people claim creativity is disappearing from the classroom, modern technology also requires teachers to be more creative than ever.  Students love technology devices, however they typically are more adept at using the technology than their older teachers.  Utilizing these devices in an educational manner requires teachers to once again be creative with planning their lessons. Similarly, students learn to be creative with their technology tools by using them as a learning tool instead of simply for fun.

All in all, creativity is present more than ever in the educational setting.  One simply needs to open their eyes to notice.