Do Boys Enjoy Math and Science more than Girls do – Disagree

Learning is learning, and according to some teachers and also parents, boys and girls have different likes. This statement has some truth to it but it is not completely true when it comes to the ratio of how many boys actually like these specific subjects compared to how many girls like the subjects as well. One of the best ways to see this question is seeing how well kids do at this subjects as they grow older and how well they keep up with the subjects through out their lives. This is a great way to see if this statement is true or not. In most cases both boys and girls like the subject the same and have a certain knack to it when it comes to how well they learn it. But in certain cases, or in some aspects of the subject, they can both have trouble understanding it and coming up with an adequate answer to the questions that come from both subjects. 

Both subjects can be easy to learn and also easy to comprehend if they are taught properly and they are given plenty of time to understand. When this happens both sexes can easily get more and more involved in the subject and learn from it at different paces. As the students grow older both parents and teachers can definitely see which student has a better understanding of the subjects and who does not. One of the reasons why so many people believe that boys enjoy math and science more than girls do is because through out certain years such as high school and even before that in middle school, more boys than girls seem to grasp the subject a lot faster. Making this statement more of a question.

While schools are not completely involved in testing this theory and seeing if it is true or not, most teachers do notice the difference in both test scores and also learning materials that many students have in school. This is where most of the proof to see who learns the subject better comes into play when the differences are noticed. When teachers more than any other person notice just how well students get into a subject they have the same question in mind and they wonder how they can make other students that interested in the material as they are, and how they can get other children involved in the class as they are as well. This is how a teacher learns how to be a better teacher and how they can learn to invoke the learning material onto their students.