Do Children have enough Time to Eat Lunch at School – No

Lunch time at school is an important time for students because it allows them to socialize while they eat with their classmates. Most schools before high school give their students 30 minutes for lunch daily. High schools give their students 30 minutes or less for lunch. Many schools will say that they give their students a set and strict lunch hour rules to prevent their students from leaving school grounds and sneaking back in. Other schools have said that they give their students more than enough time, and sometimes students take advantage of the extra lunch time. They leave school property and do not come back. 

Many parents who have children in middle schools have noticed that sometimes their students come home still hungry. They claim that is because their students simply do not get enough time to eat at all. Middle schools and high schools make sure that they feed all of their students as fast as they can, but many schools find themselves overwhelmed by how many students there are. Plus, they have only two or three lunch ladies to serve all of the students at lunch time. 

School officials may think that 30 to 35 minutes is more than enough time for lunch at school. But when looking at all of the factors that may contribute to a student not being able to eat their lunch, it is not enough. Most of the schools have one cafeteria and a food stand, and bigger schools have two cafeterias or two food stands. These schools have a higher chance for their students to eat their school lunches without rushing. But schools that do not have these choices are probably not allowing their students to have enough time to wait in line in the cafeteria to get their lunch and then eat it. 

When any person looks at how much time schools give their students to eat their lunch, and how much time they actually have to eat it, there is big gap. Students can say they can get their food, but they do not get to eat it on time. Schools should give their students more time for lunch, since students are in school for the majority of the day and have a lot of responsibilities there. For some students, school lunches are basically one of the main meals that they have all day long, since it can be hard for them to get food at home.