Do Children Receive too much Homework

Most teachers believe that students learn better with constant repetition and constant hard work. As true as this may seem and sound for many parents, children often get this repetition from their school work and their homework. 

There is no right or wrong way to teach a child, because in reality every child learns a different way and at a different pace, what is true however, is how much homework they are receiving on a daily basis and from their classes. Most children have homework every night from only one class, but others have a lot of it from several different classes and I believe this makes it even harder for the children to learn about the subject when they feel as if they are drowning in work. It is one thing to have them learn something new, but it is another thing to give them more homework for a night, from a 30 minute lecture in class. This is by far one of the many hardest things that children have to deal with when it comes to school work and keeping up in their classes. 

Most children that have a hard time in school, have a hard time keeping up with all of the work that they bring home every night, because most of their grade is actually based on their homework. So if they do not do well on their homework, they will most likely fail the grade. As the student goes up in school, they have to take up to 6 or more classes all depending on the school, and each individual class has their own standards. This is the hardest thing that any person can actually deal with, seeing as how much time they actually have when it comes to their school work. Children are now dealing with much bigger problems than they have faced in school because they are constantly having to catch up with their homework. Not all students do this, but several classes have implemented the repetition rule, where the more work that a student gets, the more they are supposed to learn.

Students are beginning to get more homework in their classes and this is something that is beginning to be a problem overall. The main thing that every student can actually do to make sure that they do not fall behind on their school work, is tell their teacher their problems, and let them know that they are doing their best, but they are having a problem with the work.