Do most Children Feel Safe at School – No

Unfortunately, most children do not feel safe at school. This comes, as no surprise to most parents. We are constantly bombarded with school shootings and respected teachers and coaches molesting the children, supposedly while in the safe confines of our schools. The bullying at school continues, even when a child is safely at home. District Unified School Police are frequently patrolling the campus of Public schools to ensure the safety of our children. Something is definitely wrong with this picture.

Our children are being harassed both on and off campus via contemptuous bullies or the far reaching convenience of the Internet. Gang activity, selling drugs and promiscuous behaviors are common occurrences  in our schools today. How can we protect our children from this unsafe environment taking place in the schools?  

It’s no wonder, we are witnessing the rapid decline of our schools.  Tragically, schools that have had shootings will have to employ child psychologist to help the children deal with the trauma of these shootings taking place at their schools. This type of stress clearly hinders learning. How can a child concentrate or learn with the threat of violence lurking at recess and even in the class rooms?

Anti -social behavior  is running rampant in our schools. Kids are being threatened and teased mercilessly every day. Most schools have  a no tolerance for violence rule set in place.  This rule does not discourage  this unruly violent behavior. In fact, some children are threatened by the bullies to keep quiet about these horrific instances.

The pristine, private schools are also experiencing these type of behaviors. Consider this true scenario.  A fourth grade girl  was being verbally harassed by a boy in her classroom. This young boy was saying vulgar curse words to this young girl. The young girl reported this incident to her teacher and her mother when she arrived home. The mother was livid that this type of behavior was taking place at a private parochial school.

The boy was suspended by the principle because the boys comments were over heard by others in the classroom. He was forced to apologize to the young girl. You would think, the incident was resolved with the suspension of the young boy. Wrong. The young boys friends harassed the young girl daily and asked her, “why she got their friend kicked out of school”? The ramifications of these actions are far reaching.

It seems, we must confront the parents or guardians of these disruptive children to remedy the violence in our schools.  A nominal fine for the parents and suspension for the student might be the answer. Later, behavior modification might be in order also.

Home schooling is  gaining momentum and looking more and more appealing to the children and the parents alike. Parents are looking for safe alternatives for educating their children.