Does Homework help Students

I honestly do not think homework is much of a benefit to children. For starters, kids generally dislike going to school five days a week in the first place. Give them more work to take home and they are either gonna toss it aside and procrastinate, trying to rush it in the morning if they care enough. It is not hard for a child to convince parents there is no homework. All it takes is a simple, “I don’t have any homework.”

As a child I remember homework being busy-body work. I would do my homework in class instead of paying attention to the teacher so I was free to play after school. The time a child learns is through hands-on work with guidance such as study groups in class. Wouldn’t a child be more successful if all the material was covered by the teacher and then study groups formed? It seems to me that a child will remember and retain more information if there is a teacher present. Homework can be copied, ignored, or a child may just not try. Not every child cares about his or her grades.

I believe if teacher’s spent less time babbling, and then assigning homework; then more time could be focuses on core material and study branches out from there. The students could do all work in school, unable to hide anything, and will work harder with a group and teacher present.

How does this fit into a school time frame? Well, my school time was generally about 7 hours… and I would have gladly had it be 9 hours if I never had homework. I know that is a stretch for a few, but when you add up the school time plus homework, it will probably come out to 9-10 hours anyway. Especially long reading assignments with questions, or a massive amount of math problems. I can remember being ten years old and doing homework for another 6 hours after school. That’s a 13 hour day! I would gladly have wanted to go to school from 7-4, rather than 7:30-2:30.

Here is an excellent idea. If schools finished up all the “teaching” two hours before school was out, the students could then spend that time studying and going to see teachers he or she needs help from the most. More than two hours of homework is excessive in my opinion. The only time a student should be forced to work that hard is before a major test. But if they wisely spent there free 2 hours at the end of the day, they will be prepared before that test even arrives.

The entire problem with the education system lies in a few factors. Underpaying teachers brings quality down. A tight, short class schedule makes it difficult for the teacher to cover all the material without assigning homework. Students are not encouraged to study as much as they are to just “do more work” when they are at home. The public education system is run by a governmental bureaucracy. It should be obvious why the USA ranks so low in standards and scholastic achievements.