Dr Seuss Activities Online

Printable instructions for Dr. Seuss online can be had by simply typing Dr. Seuss + printable instructions in your browser search box. The first five offerings are shown below. Games, puzzles, connect the dots, words, templates, teacher instructions and everything imaginable with Dr. Seuss can be printed out and studied, constructed, worked, and learned from.

A. The NEA, National Educational Association, headed the list of Google offerings when the topic was researched online.  On this particular site, activities, instructions for teachers, and songs are being offered. Educationally, they offer a Seussville University that is designed for teachers who will be online looking for ideas to make their classes more interesting. But mainly this site is a conglomeration of many other Dr. Seuss Sites, in addition to their own printout and activity sections.

B.  Apples 4 the Teacher  is  about “Dr. Seuss Games, Activities and Teaching Ideas, Author Study, Book Reviews, Games, Quizzes, Printables, Toys and Collectibles”. Highlights from Read Across America on the celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday which is celebrated on March 2 is also offered. This site, like the previous one, is dedicated to everything Dr. Seuss and they appear all inclusive.

C.  Teach is a site designed for teaching and is basically interactive. They offers insights on searching their sight: Age, bestsellers, biographies, audio, characters, and more. They also sell educational items. They have an interesting display of Dr. Seuss books that are on a revolving line To sample a favorite, wallop it – click – as it passes by.  

D. Wacoma Elementary School, in Waycross, Georgia shares their Dr. Seuss paraphernalia with youngsters. An interesting feature is “Who Said That” where children will guess which Dr. Seuss character speaks the words offered. Along with many other interactive projects, many of which are also found on the other Dr. Seuss Sites, a section is devoted to learning all about the famous and funny author.

E. Seussville is a delightful site from the first peek onward. A child entering here will feel as if they’ve been dropped off at a very busy amusement park, by a busy parent and told to enjoy themselves. This is designed in like fashion with various signs designating particular fun  spots. Click on the bouncing mice and you will be taken to the book “Hop on Pop; Dr. Seuss in a bowl leads into Cat in the Hat fun activities; the mother, father and child picture and you’ll get The Family from Whoville.

There is no lack of fun with Dr. Seuss online. Educators and others involved in teaching children how to read have jumped on his bandwagon, and rightly so. They know all children love nonsense, and they are not above allowing Dr. Seuss to teach their children how to read by his own brand of repetitive nonsense. He has a way of introducing them to their sense of the ridiculous and he allows children to be children. With him they learn it is okay to turn their imaginations loose and let them frolic as long as no harm is done and no one is hurt.

One caution however. Most of the web sites are redundant. So, what parents and teachers should do is to review the sites and compare their offerings. Select one or two of the best places and make these starting points from which to learn. Too much at once to children can confuse them. If they are allowed to play Dr. Seuss games online, limit them to a favorite site so as not to frustrate them.

The best use, however, may be printing out instructions, templates and ideas and ideas for activities by teachers and parents. Dr. Seuss books are designed as books for parents or teachers to read to children as well as books they can read on their own. It all depends on their age and their capabilities. But whatever, DR. Seuss has been a favorite for the past thirty or forty years. Parents remember him well and they are delighted to introduce him to their children.