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There are many ways to enhance the learning process.  One of the best ways is to reinforce what has just been taught by using follow up activities.  Dr. Seuss books are great for anyone.  I remember when I graduated from college, one of my professors read us Oh, The Thinks You Can Think at graduation.  As a teacher, I have had many opportunities to read Dr. Seuss books and come up with creative activities.

            Think Your Thinks
Give the students two minutes to write down as many things that they can think.  If you like, you can give it a Scattergories edge, and have the students read their thoughts.  Any student who had the same thought must cross it out.  Whoever has the most thoughts not crossed out by the end wins.

            Draw Your Thinks
Have your students draw pictures of what they are thinking.  Have them draw and color them.  Let them share the pictures with the class.  It may give some insight as to what is on their mind.

            Create Your Thinks
If you have the time, and the patience to indulge your group, why not let them be creative?  Bring in a bunch of legos, tinker toys, and bendaroos and let them create their own inventions.  Tell them they are creating a model.  It does not have to work, but they need to explain what it would do if it were a functioning model.  If you would like to give them full reign, you can have them bring in paper towel tubes, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and any other craft items you can think of, and let them create something with those objects too.

            Puzzle Time
After reading Oh, The Thinks You Can Think, make the rest of the day a problem solving day.   Have games, puzzles and brain teasers for them to work on and solve.  Encourage them to be creative with their ideas.  Let them screw up a little if in the end it means they learn how to do it right. 

Dr. Seuss books have been around for a very long time.  There is every indication that they will remain for a much longer time.  I would encourage you to read more Dr. Seuss books to your children (or adults) and look for the lessons and the hidden lessons in each book.  Dr. Seuss has written many books that encourage free thinking and tolerance of others.  There are many life lessons that can be gleaned from his works as well.