Ecnouraging Children to Read

Reading is important in expanding a child’s knowledge. It helps a child become more curious about life and inquisitive. Through their curiosity, they will begin to ask questions either to themselves or the adults around them. There are several ways to encourage your child to read and enjoy reading.

Set the Example

Encourage your child to read by being a reader yourself. As we know, as parents, we are our child’s first teachers and role models. Setting the example that literacy is important is likely to influence your child that reading plays a very important part of our lives.

Print Friendly Environment

Aside from being a reader and allowing your child to see your love for reading, you must make your home a print friendly environment. Have plenty of books around your home for your child to select from. Subscribing to child’s magazines involves your child in reading. This will make your child feel important knowing they chose a magazine of interest to them. Expecting their own subscription through the mail may be enough excitement and motivation for them to read. You may consider having a family library that includes popular books as well as classic books for the entire family. Public libraries and school libraries discard books or sell books at a low cost or no cost at all. This is a good way to start your home library.

Family Reading Time

Set time aside to read as a family. This may be a time in which you read to your child before bedtime. It can also be a time in which each member of the family reads a book or magazine of their choice. Perhaps a time can be set aside to talk about it as a family. Having read a book, a magazine or a newspaper may serve as great conversations during dinner or other family time. This will give everyone something to share with other family members.

Visit Local Libraries

Local library have story time for children and other reading programs to promote reading. They may have times scheduled during the week for children and summer programs as well. Being a parent volunteer may also encourage your child to attend sessions for children.

Begin a Book Club for Kids

Starting a book club for your child’s peers or your neighborhood kids will not only promote reading with your own children but among other children. Getting other parents involved will help to get organized and have more children involved.

Reading is an every day skill. Without reading skills, life can be more difficult and less enjoyable. Through reading, a child is introduced to a vast world of knowledge that can’t be taken away. If anything, it will add to their life experiences. Encouraging your child to read can never start too soon.