Homework entails a good -I mean really good- grasp of knowledge. Knowledge itself is a métier that needs constant rebuilding of ideas, and not forgetting unwavering encouragements from parents and teachers. How to be efficient in doing homework depends a lot of practicing certain skills, of which some are protean. It’s not hard for one to glom onto learning these skills I shall tell you herewith.

1. Human Nature-

We have the tendency to give up whenever there obstacles we feel grudging of ridding them. Even adults also fear obstacles. In reality, people hate them all the more. Looking at another bright sight on competitions like Ninja Warrior, the popular entertainment show that has its provenance in Japan, may impugn your belief. Competitors have so many obstacles before they can get to their destination. If they can’t make it in time, their chance of winning is wholly lost. In order for you to be a champion, you have to be skilled in overcoming several obstacles. I know that it’s tough and minatory sometimes, but to be efficient in everything is to stay onto the track and keep on moving to your destination. Children have to be taught that they have to complete their homework and never take breaks between a question or two till they had done everything they had to do,

2. Environment-

Is your child happy with his study table and the study environment? Is the lighting decent or poor? Every subtlety can affect your child’s study habits. If there were bric-a-brac around the study table, or pencils which were not sharp, your child won’t feel like studying. Everything has to be clean, organised and in good condition for your child to study and do homework. The ambiance must also be quiet for your child to concentrate. Picture of a quiet park next to a lake in a cool morning will give you the idea.

3. Parents-

Parents shouldn’t be dominating over their children. They shouldn’t set up solemn and funereal rules which curtail their leisure time. Leisure and study time must have an equilibrium. When there’s an imbalance, things start to backfire. If your child doesn’t like to do homework, why not set by their side and guide them along the way instead of reprimanding them for their laziness? Children really need encouragements from their parents. Some teachers might be too caring about your children’s learning development. If that is the case, you can talk to the teachers about their insouciance. If not, bring the case to the principal. Your help can be a springboard for your children to do well in homework and exams. As parents, you have to ensure that they get a very good learning environment. 

When your children have done a particular assignment, give them rewards. That will spur them to do homework diligently.

4. Food-

No point giving them Vitamin C tablets and Horlicks and expect your children to be fresh during the day. They are not machines which only need repairing and electricity. The human body is a complex system. We need so much vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and so on to ensure that we have a healthy body. The brain needs good nutrients to function well. You can’t expect to have an emaciated boy/girl being so clever.

5. External help-

If the above points doesn’t help, seek advice from counselors and tutors. Your children might need some special treatments for them to develop cognitive and behavioral skills.