Educational Activities for the Bfg by Roald Dahl

Sophie lives in an orphanage and that is not the worst of it, she wears really thick glasses. The story begins when Sophie is kidnapped by a giant. (This is not a book for sissies.)  It kind of scary as he gets wrapped off and taken away. Soon she learns that the giant she is with doesn’t eat human beans and that is a good thing. He didn’t want to kidnap her, but he had a secret to keep, he was the giver of dreams. The book is so fun and full of tomfoolery the activities should be too.

~ BFG Dictionary

This book is so full of nonsense words and unfamiliar words it may be hard for the students to tell the difference. Why not make up a class BFG dictionary? Divide the class up in groups and assign them specific sections of the book.  They write down all the words they are unfamiliar with determine the definition from the context.  Point out in the dictionary words often have more than one meaning. Eventually put them all together in an actual book.

~ Personal character map

Character maps are a good way to understand people. As a class create a character map of Sophie. Put Sophie in the middle and then all of her characteristics as the book goes on. She might be brave,scared, kind, remember there is no wrong answer it is perception.

Then give each student a paper with a picture of them in the center surrounded by clouds and have them do their own personal character map. It is fun to do these at different times of the year and see how things change depending on the curriculum of the class.

~ Urban dictionary

The urban dictionary is for those words that have not crossed over to the conventional dictionary and yet people use them. Teach the students about the urban dictionary and how new words are formed. Would a pioneer have known the word computer?

~ Draw your own giant

Giants have different characteristics, personalities and some even have powers. Have each member of the class draw their own giant, name him or her and tell the class about any special powers the giant may have.

~ Phonics review

Reading this book aloud is a complete review of phonetics. It is a good idea to take apart some of the words before anyone is the class is asked to read aloud. A savvy teacher may go through the book and provide a guide to send home to parents so the nonsense words sound the same at home as they do at school.

This book is a winner and any teacher would be lucky to use it in the classroom.