Educational Toys for Christmas that will help Children Read

With Christmas around the corner, parents are starting to go on the hunt to get all the toys their children are wishing for this year. Christmas lists will inevitably be filled with dolls, video games and the latest in electronic devices.

With an increase in attention to education, many parents are inclined to want to purchase books and educational dvd’s for their children. However, children don’t usually put books at the top of their wishlist when they are thinking about what they want for Christmas. The trick is to purchase an educational product that will encourage reading in children, while still making it fun enough for them to view it as a toy.

Tag Junior Book Pals

LeapFrog is known for its’ education based toys, so it’s no surprise that the #1 selling reading system is LeapFrog’s Tag Junior.  Shaped to easily fit a toddler’s small hand, the Book Pal looks like a small handheld toy. Scroll it over a Tag Junior book and words come to life. There are a large number of books to choose from and more are constantly being released. There are bundles for boys, girls and even a Preschool bundle that will help give your child a head start in reading. There is a special Christmas edition bundle perfect for 2-4 year olds. It includes the Tag Junior Scout Book Pal, Christmas in the Manger Board Book and a Tag Junior carry all case.

Tag Junior Special Christmas Bundle – $44.99

Tag Reading System

For ages 4-8, the Tag Reading System is the next step for teaching children to read. On top of audio help to bring the stories to life, there is also a foundation for vowel, consonant and word formation. This helps children to help sound out words and develop phonological awareness. There are a variety of different colors and themes you can choose from to suit your child’s likes and there are bundles to match any child’s reading ability. Here are some great picks for this Christmas holiday:

Tag Disney Starter Bundle, purple – $49.99 Tag Special Edition Toy Story 3 Gift Pack – $29.99 Tag Disney Ultimate Bundle for Girls – $139.99 Tag Disney Pixar Ultimate Bundle for Boys – $139.99

Leapster Explorer

The Leapster Explorer is a great handheld educational toy that has the look and feel of a video game controller. Instead of having to purchase specialized books that are subject to wear and tear, this product has e-Books that can be stored on the actual device. There are more than 60 cartridge games and numerous downloadable learning apps that encourage and help children to learn to read.

Explorer Starter Bundle, green or pink – $79.99 Explorer Disney Ultimate Bundle for Girls – $149.99 Explorer Ultimate Bundle for Boys – $149.99

Touch screen tablets

Every parent knows how fascinated children are with touch screen electronic devices. Whether it’s your Android device, Smartphone or laptop, kids love the bright screen and pushing all the buttons and keys.

Both LeapFrog and Vtech have released touch screen tablets specifically designed for kids. With a shock absorbing extra protected case, you no longer have to worry about the occasional drop. With downloadable apps, numerous cartridges and the loved characters your children favor, both of these devices are great for kids to learn and explore. Characters come to life with their e-Books and there are learning apps to help children learn to read.

LeapFrog LeapPad Learning Tablet – $99.99 Vtech InnoTab Learning App Tablet – $79.99

Nook Color is an eReader that is much more than just a device for e-Books.  At a fraction of the cost of an iPad, Nook Color is an amazing device that allows you to download apps, e-Books and access the web all in one. There are thousands of apps for children and the e-Books are wonderful for young minds. There are e-Books that come to life with touchable backgrounds that are animated with audio. There are options for you to read alone or have the device read to you. Children love it and the possibilities are endless because of the rechargeable battery and connectable cable to the computer. However, make sure to purchase a shock absorbing gel surround for occasional drops.

Nook Color – $199

Educational toys are the way to go for this upcoming Christmas. The children in your life will love exploring new books and new ways to learn to read, while playing with a fun new toy. Parents will love giving a gift that will help their children learn to read. Giving the gift of learning is giving a lifelong appreciation that will benefit them for future education.