Effective Reading Support

Your reading support person is just that, someone to shore-up the breach before things go down the drain. They should be first of all literate and educated well enough to bring some strategy to their support position.

You want someone willing to engage your methods. Yet patient and impartial with slow readers. It should also be someone you regard. The reason I say this is, because you will probably spend time with this person and will need to have open communication with them. While you focus on other aspects of the class they will be in close proximity to the problems. Therefore you will need to take into consideration their recommendations from time to time. This is always a much easier thing to do when you regard them.

Prepare your support person in advance for specific reading situations. For instance core reading groups may be ahead of the material their students will be attending. If they know this early they can find ways to make that not seem like a bad thing, but rather a different thing.

Keep in mind that this is an assistant to your teaching goals not the do-all end-all. You still hold responsibility to that student’s achievement. In addition to the support person. You must provide materials, training and support yourself to anyone you ask to assist you in your classroom. They will have questions frustrations and difficulties that you will need to attend to. If you plan your week with some time set aside to tune into your support people things will go much smoother.

You can assess your support choices during early training situations. Watch for clues about how well they listen, experiment with trials and respond to other people. These are all important clues as to whether they will work with you well. And as I said before you must have a good working rapport in order to have a successful support system.

After you have worked with someone awhile you will get fairly comfortable with each other, but don’t let your guard down chart their success and keep an eye on students that are showing sluggish goals. It could mean that your support person is burning out-a common problem with assistance-or more likely they are in need of some new materials to excite their kids with. Finally along with all the hard work don’t forget to show appreciation. People who feel valued will always bring their best.