Egg Carton uses

Egg cartons are found just about everywhere the world over, the only exception being distant places where people grow there own chickens and collect only a few eggs a day.  That being said, egg cartons are also discarded by people the world over.  Instead of discarding, why not use them for the school?  They can be very useful!

One thing that egg cartons are extremely useful for is growing plants!  The paper or cardboard cartons can have dirt placed in each “egg cups” and then seeds planted.  These can be seedling starters for trees, gardens or even as an in-house spice garden!  If it is for a garden or young trees, the egg carton can simply be cut into pieces and the young plants paced straight into the ground with  a hole punched in the bottom.  Let the top stick up slightly and it will help keep away some nematodes and allow the plant a bit of protection.  The cardboard will decompose during watering and fertilize the plant!  Styrofoam egg cartons can also be used, but mainly for the herb garden that is being kept in the classroom, it doesn’t disintegrate.

The Styrofoam egg cartons are best used for arts and crafts.  They should be water proof and that means they are great for mixing paints, you can put two colors are either end and then mix in the individual compartment and create twelve different shades, and they are always useful to rest paintbrushes!  They can also be used for sorting small items such as beads, pins, and even paper items such as stars! 

You can always cut egg cartons up and use them as craft items. Two together and placed on a toilet roll with a cardboard head become a camel!  A whole ridge can be used to create the back of a dragon or dinosaur!  Put two cups together and it become a round body for almost any type of creature!  Paint one side red and one side white, your students will now tell you they are Pokemon balls!

So, egg cartons can be used to create indoor herb gardens, seedling trays for outdoor gardens and even starting young trees.  They can also be used for mixing paints and sorting small items.  They are also excellent for using as craft items!  Are there any other uses?, one is to play a very limited game of Wari, but that may be to complex for most students!