Elementary Classroom Tips Seasonal Door Decorations

Seasonal door decorations help welcome students into your classroom.  With the following tips, you can change your door décor each month – with very little time and effort.  A large straw wreath is the foundation for each design.  Enjoy!


Start the school year off with a colorful eye-catcher that’s easy to make.  Wrap the straw wreath in wide green ribbon (or strips of green fabric) to cover up the straw, then attach the following items: Crayon boxes, glue sticks, pencils, and some miniature apples (wooden or plastic).  Make a small chalkboard out of black poster paper and write “Welcome Back” with white chalk.  Hang it just above the wreath.

Other items and ideas for this wreath: Use a hot glue gun to attach individual crayons and letters of the alphabet among the other items.  


By  now, your students have settled in and gotten to know each other a bit better.  Remove August decorations from your wreath and substitute with snapshots of student groups and classroom activities.  Add tiny colorful “notebooks” made of folded construction paper and label them with subjects like “English, Spelling, Writing, Math, History, Science,” etc.   Place them around the wreath between the photos. 

Other items and ideas for this wreath:  Print out small graphics of school items and let the children color them before adding them to the wreath. 


Unwrap the green covering and let the straw wreath show through.  This month you’ll be attaching acorns, small pine cones, colorful autumn leaves (paper, silk or synthetic) and some perky plaid ribbon in seasonal colors.    

Other items and ideas: Small jack-o-lanterns and scarecrows can be used. Attach miniature candy bar wrappers and/or small wrapped treats.   


This  month, you can leave the plaid ribbon but change up other items to reflect a Thanksgiving theme.  Small gourds and tiny pumpkins (real, paper or plastic) can be attached with wire or hot glue, depending on the item’s weight.  For extra color, wrap candy corn and pumpkins in plastic wrap and tie them to the wreath with yarn.

Other items and ideas: Turkeys, cornucopias, Pilgrims, Indians and cornstalks. 


Cover the straw wreath form by wrapping it in blue ribbon (which will also fit with next month’s theme) or cover the straw with synthetic greenery.  Add silver or gold pine cones (you can spray-paint natural pine cones), then finish off with miniature ornaments and snowflakes.

Other items and ideas: Individually-wrapped candies, small Christmas stockings and tiny presents made from foil, paper, fabric or felt.  You can also download holiday graphics by clicking here.


The basic wreath form (with blue ribbon or greenery) can be used again this month.  Remove other items (except snowflakes if you used them) and attach miniature snowmen, tiny boots, mittens and sleds.  These can be made from paper, fabric or felt, chenille balls and pipe cleaners.   

Other items and ideas: New Year’s items: tiny clocks, hour glasses, miniature calendar pages, resolutions or goals.


Leave the blue ribbon in place for next month, but cover it with ribbon or fabric in a black and white gingham or print.  For decorations, add silhouettes of presidents Washington and Lincoln around the wreath and intersperse them with bright red cherries and shiny copper pennies.  These may be attached with a hot glue gun.  The cherries represent the tree young Washington is said to have chopped down.  The pennies have Lincoln’s silhouette on them.  

Other ideas and items:  You may wish to focus on Valentine’s Day this month.  Attach lots of red hearts, foil-wrapped candies and tiny messages of friendship.


Unwrap February’s ribbon to expose the blue, which will represent the sky.  Add small, cotton-ball clouds and lots of colorful miniature kites.  These can be hand-made with toothpicks and bright paper or fabric.  Use yarn or twine for kite tails.  Find weather-related clipart by clicking here.  

Other ideas and items:  Keep the small black and white wreath wrap and add lots of green items for St. Patrick’s Day. Include leprechauns, four-leaf clovers and Andes mints, which are wrapped in green.


If you still have blue on your wreath, you won’t need too many changes this month.  For an April-showers theme, leave the cotton-ball clouds from March but remove the kites.  In their place, add lots of tiny rain boots, umbrellas and rainbows.  Don’t forget to add a sun!  

Other ideas and items: Instead of blue, use a pale green ribbon backdrop.  Add baby rabbits, ducks and chicks, along with plastic eggs and foil candies.


A green backdrop is perfect for spring flowers and bird nests.  Add a pair of tiny paper binoculars for bird watching, some miniature gardening tools and or seed packets to represent the season of growth.

Other ideas and items:  Use a dowel stick or paper towel tube for a maypole and cover it with pretty paper or ribbon.  Stand it in the bottom center of the wreath and run streamers from it, pinning them here and there around the wreath.   Add silhouettes of children at the ends of the streamers.  At the top arch of the wreath, attach tiny flowers.

That’s all there is to it!  With just one straw wreath, some ribbon or fabric, inexpensive items and a bit of time, You’ll have a brand-new seasonal door decoration every month of the school year.