Elementary School Recess Healthy Fraternizing or Danger Zone

Recess is a time that every child in every elementary school looks forward to. Children need that time to relax and play, but it is also a danger zone for the “trouble makers” and their “targets.” This can be a time of fun and laughter, as well as a time for some students to take their anger out on innocent students. It really is a controversial issue, and not a decision that is easily decided upon. Do we take away recess for good?

There have always been scraps in the school yard, so why is this only coming to the attention of staff and parents now? I know that when I was in elementary school I was picked on to the point that I would go home crying every single day, but nothing was ever done about it. My parents had to go to the school and talk to the bullies because the school would do nothing about it. However, if there was no recess at all then I do not think that I would have made any friends what-so-ever.

The school yard goes both ways. Yes children get picked on, but this is also where children make friends. This is the time that each and every student can share and just relax and burn some energy. So how do we monitor the school yard so that each and every child is safe? I personally think that this is practically impossible. How are the teachers and education assistants going to be able to monitor hundreds of students? The fact of the matter is that they can’t, and this is the risk that each and every parents takes and understands, or needs to learn to understand.

I believe that recess is a very important part of the school day and that no matter how hard we try there will always be that danger zone. So my suggestion to those parents that have children who are being bullied would be to make sure that they report it to the principal and have it dealt with immediately. Not every child is a bully, or is being bullied, so not every child needs to be punished.