Elementary School Recess Healthy Peer Socialization or Danger Zone

Recess is break time for school kids. On the whole, it is a necessary and healthy activity, but for the child who lives in isolation, it can be a challenge. Most students hang with others in their class and specifically with those who share in their likes and dislikes.

It never seems to fail that bullies are found in every grade school. The child who is isolated is recognized by the bullies and often they make sport of him knowing that he will probably submit to their teasing or pranks without much resistance. Their recognition of this individual seems not to be an intellectual assessment as much as it is an instinct to go for the weakest of the group.

While the other children are enjoying their time together, the child who is not as socially developed often bears the humiliation and hurt of being teased and bullied
especially if the playground is not monitored. Even if monitored, the bullies have developed ways of concealing or shielding their actions oftentimes.

I wish I knew and could say why children in grade school find pleasure in hurting others. In a perfect world, these situations would not occur. But we live in a world where power plays exist from early life to old age. I find it particularly sad that our children have a part in giving pain to each other.