Encouraging Girls to Write

Making writing interesting for children can be a challenge. There are many ways to interest girls in writing. If a girl is interested in reading, it will expand her ideas and imagination and influence her writing. A number of strategies can be employed to encourage girls to be interested in writing.

1)    Talk about other world topics.

Girls love to talk about fairies and witches. Girls love to talk about princesses and dragons. Girls love fairy tales. Talking about these things will encourage imagination. Reading stories and then talking about things related to the story will help a child to develop their creativity. Another option is to create original stories. Rather than reading stories to children every time it’s story time; encourage the child to create a story of their own. Help them by starting it or giving them prompts. Progress this from storytelling to writing it down.

2)    Talk about silly things.

Talk about things that appear to be silly such as ice skating lollipops or bears that prefer to eat chocolate. Ask the child what they think about it. Start with a sentence or question that appears to be silly and get the child to respond to it. Encourage them to tell you a story about a dolphin that is friends with a crocodile. Encourage them to write things down.

3)    Encourage their ideas.

Children tend to have the most amazing imaginations. Encourage them to write down their ideas, no matter how absurd or silly they appear to be. Tell them to write down ideas whenever they have them, then sit down together to work on expanding ideas to create them into a story. It’s amazing how one small idea can grow into a story when the child has some encouragement.

4)    Make it fun.

Children will do anything if it’s fun. They will want to do it again and again if they enjoy it. Encourage their imagination and creativity and make it an interesting time. If they are writing about something they love, they will keep writing. If writing with pen and paper is getting boring and they know how to use the computer, let them use it. If computer is a privilege, let them use it for story writing first; then they can play.

5)    Write as often as they can.

Writing every day is great experience and gets the child into a habit that will be hard to break. Writing every day also prepares the child for the level of schooling that comes later in life. Encouraging story telling early will inspire the child later, when they can write, so that they have a record of their growth and the stories will grow with them. Keeping that record will mean that the child will be able to look back on it and see where they’ve come from.

Encouraging girls to write isn’t terrible difficult. Making writing or even just story telling a part of the daily routine will mean that it becomes “normal” for them. In this way, girls will become interested in writing and it will become a life-long love.