Enhancing the Life of a Primary School Child

If you want to enrich a child’s life or make it better, use a variety of teaching techniques to successfully reach each student. I believe it is the teaching techniques employed by the teacher which matter much more than the actual subjects being taught. It is the successful use of these techniques which makes the child feel capable of learning anything. The artistic child would enjoy the fine arts. Your scientific oriented child may prefer biology, ecology or chemistry. There are many primary schools which offer foreign languages to their students. Many schools also offer sign language. Once the child believes in himself or herself, the child’s life will forever be enhanced.

The basic primary school curriculum consists of wonderful subjects which can be taught to better the life of each child. In communicating this information, the teacher needs to be aware of the learning styles of the students and make sure that this information is successfully taught. Some students are auditory learners and their needs are different from the visual learner. There are several students who learn best by using music and dance lessons with the academic subjects. Many times there are children with major learning disabilities in your room, and you need to be aware of how best to communicate with them. By incorporating various techniques, the teacher can reach each child.

Using the math curriculum as an example, the teacher needs to make sure that each student understands the importance of computation, estimation, understanding word problems, and working with time and money. These are life skills which are an important part of the foundation necessary for survival in the real world. To reach each child successfully the teacher may need to employ more computer skills, various hands-on activities with manipulatives, or continue lessons on the repetition of procedures. Students could share their knowledge with other grade levels. By sharing they reinforce their own education as they model the lesson for the younger students. When our fourth graders went to the second and third grade classes to work on graphs, surveys, and money projects, they felt terrific. It was fun for all and a memorable way to set that foundation for success.

Our curriculum keeps changing as our society changes. We now include subjects that were never taught twenty years ago. However, whether it is an American history lesson on the role of women in America, or the ecology lessons about the rainforest, or the creative writing lessons on Haiku poetry, if the teacher can reach each student and make them feel successful, then those lives have been enhanced.