Entering Middle School Childrenadolescenceparents

Entering middle school for the first time is a huge milestone in the life of any child. It’s not only a time when children are adjusting to a new school with different rules, but middle school also represents a child beginning the stage of adolescence. This difficult part of a child’s life is accompanied by many changes.

Many children will be using lockers and changing classes for the first time, which can often be scary. They will also be sharing classes with students they haven’t met before and be separated from their usual friends. Not only will they have to get used to a new teacher, but they will also have to get used to many different teachers.

Middle school kids can be cruel. This is often caused by the stage of adolescence they have entered. They are becoming more aware of their bodies and the changes that are taking place and also begin noticing the opposite sex. Hormone levels are constantly changing often resulting in hurtful remarks to one another.

A child’s self-esteem and confidence are mostly structured around events and happenings that take place in middle school.

Although it doesn’t seem like it, parents are an important part of a middle school child’s life. By working together, the transition can be much easier.

Before school begins, it’s a good idea to discuss all the fears a child is feeling. Tell them about your own past experiences. Let them know that everyone is nervous and feeling the same way. Now is the time to develop a relationship of talking to your child open and honestly.

Discuss the physical changes they will experience as well as the mental. At this stage children often become uncomfortable or embarrassed about their bodies. As the parent, it’s important to spend time each day discussing any problems or questions the child may have. This is impossible without a close relationship.

Peer pressure is also a big deal in middle school. Making friends becomes more important than good grades. Acceptance is crucial for most all children. By talking to them about school daily, a parent has a better chance of stopping something before it happens.

A child starting middle school can sometimes be an unpleasant ordeal for parents. It’s not easy to loosen up and allow children to grow and make their own mistakes.

The best advice for any parent just beginning to experience a child in middle school is to trust them. At the same time, keep eyes and ears open for any signs of problems. Make sure the lines of communication are open and most importantly, remain in regular contact with their teachers.

At this age, children don’t want their parents around until they need them, so make sure to remain available. Just let them know you’re there if they need you for anything.