Excuse Good Excuses for not Turning in your Homework how to get out of Homework

If you’re a teacher then there’s a good chance you’ve already heard just about every excuse in the book for why a student didn’t turn in their homework. To hear students tell it, you’d think their dog has a ravenous appetite for pressed wood pulp and graphite and their constantly crashing hard-drive must be some sort of 1980’s-era audio cassette drive from Radio Shack. Of course, teachers don’t often believe these excuses much, especially when the student offering the excuse doesn’t exactly have a track record of trustworthiness.

That’s why when you need to give an excuse for not turning in your home work, you’d better make sure it’s iron clad and totally unproveable. In my years of giving excuses to teachers, I’ve learned that it’s always best to blame yourself first, followed by a third party and lastly (and least likely to work) on the teacher themselves. Following this hieerarchy, you’re bound to get an extra day or so to complete your assignment, or at the very least, you won’t be graded so harshley when you do eventually turn it in.

Here are some great excuses that place the blame squarely on you, the student:

Lys-Dexic: It was due on the 12th? I’m sorry, I have mild dyslexia and I thought it was due on the 21st.

Above and Beyond: I thought that was an extra credit assignment because it was never officially written on the board.

Homework Sucks: I was reviewing my homework answers this morning on the ride to school. The window rolled down on the freeway and it sucked my homework and some other papers out of the car/bus

Back-Track-Pack: I accidentally left my backpack on the bus this morning. My mom called the bus company, who said they found it and I’ll be able to get it back today after school.

Next up, we have excuses that blame family members and pets.

Family Problems: I just discovered that I’m missing a lot of papers in my folder/backpack. I think my little brother might have been going through my stuff again.

Through The Tears: My boyfriend/girlfriend just broke up with me last night and I was crying too much to even see the book pages I was supposed to read. I tried to do the assignment in the morning but I was too depressed to focus on it

None of His Business: I got a text message from my dad who said he accidentally took my homework with him to work this morning.

Re-Purposed: My little brother used my homework on a paper mache’ recycling project for his 3rd grade class. I would bring it in to show you but he had to bring it to his own class today.

Pet Peeve: My dog ate my homework, but he must not have liked it because he threw it up later. I would bring it in but it smelled terrible and I didn’t want to put it in my backpack.

Finally, blame the teachers at the school.

Overworked: I was so overloaded with homework for my other 5 classes last night that I fell asleep before I could get to your assignment.