Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

A bulletin board is a wonderful educational tool that may be used for education inside of a classroom at any time of the year.  A bulletin board is used for study and it serves as a constant reminder for students as to what they are learning about during a given period of time.  Therefore a bulletin board should be eye catching, using bright colors and familiar themes.  Fall typically marks the start of a school’s calendar year and there are many activities and holidays that teachers can include on a fall bulletin board to celebrate the autumn season.  Here are just a few ideas for your own fall bulletin board. 

 Leaf Border

A leaf border will make an attractive, eye catching addition to a fall bulletin board.  In early fall most cities and towns have leaves turning brilliant shades of red, orange and gold.  What better way to emphasize the autumn than with many different shapes and colors of leaves.  Although dried leaves could be used they have a tendency to crumble.  Fabric leaves could be used as well and are easy to find at any craft store. 

However; the best way to get students involved in making a fall bulletin board and learning about what happens during the fall is by having them take part in making what goes onto the bulletin board.  Have students cut out leaves from construction paper after tracing a stencil on a sheet of construction paper.  Then glue the leaves together to form a colorful border around the fall bulletin board. 

Although dried leaves will tend to crumble pressed leaves may work better and it would be a great class project.  Pressed leaves can be made by placing leaves in wax paper and using a heavy book or a hot iron to preserve them.

 Fall Harvest

Fall is harvest time. Many fruits and vegetables only grace farm stands in the fall.    Corn shocks are a very popular fall decoration and a great reminder of the fall harvest.  Corn shocks can easily be included as part of a fall bulletin board.  You will need a heavy duty industrial staple gun to attach corn shocks to the bulletin board.

Apples, gourds, pumpkins and Indian corn are all harvested in the fall.  Most children love to be creative.  Use construction paper to draw these fall produce items and cut them out and attach them to your bulletin board.

 Fall Sports

October begins with the “Fall Classic” and students who are baseball fans may want to adorn a fall bulletin board with a reminder of this event.  Football and hockey seasons begin as well.  Students may want to hang a scoreboard on a fall bulletin board and keep track of who is winning the World Series.  They may also want to keep track of their school’s football and soccer teams.

Fall Holidays

Very few schools still celebrate Halloween but if your school is one of the few public schools that celebrate Halloween students will no doubt be anxious to fill a fall bulletin board with cotton ghosts, witches and jack o lanterns.

The fall month of November is filled with patriotic holidays.   The biggest of course is Thanksgiving.  Elementary students start learning about Thanksgiving by studying the Pilgrims.  A great idea for a fall bulletin board would be to include foods that the Pilgrims may have enjoyed on that first Thanksgiving.  A picture of a turkey would look great in the center of a bulletin board with all the other foods from the first Thanksgiving surrounding it. 

Veteran’s Day is also in November. Some students in class may have a parent who is currently serving in the military.  Have students bring in pictures of their loved ones who have served in the military past and present.  Have each student tell who their veteran is and discuss what a great sacrifice these people have made for their country. 

Election day is held on the first Tuesday in November.  Focusing on the current election is a great idea for a fall bulletin board.  It will promote a child’s interest in history as well as politics. 

Fall is a great season in the classroom.  The students return to school refreshed and ready to learn after a long summer.  Students will no doubt be anxious to participate in making  a fall bulletin board and to fill it with creative ideas.