Fall Theme Craft Ideas for Teachers

The beauty of fall is that we are able to see the world’s colors change from bright green to various hues of red, gold, yellow, and orange. Of course, fall also signals the beginning of the school year. The following activities and projects can help you and your students kick-start the school year by having some fall fun.

Thanksgiving ideas

Perhaps the most notable fall holiday for many American students is Thanksgiving. At this time of the year, turkeys and pumpkins are the rage, and armed with this information, you have plenty of craft ideas that you can share with your students.

– Turkey Bulletin Board: If you have a bulletin board, make good use of it by doing this creative activity. For this project, you will need colored construction paper, feathers, scissors, thumbtacks, markers and pens, and “googly eyes.” The eyes can be purchased at arts and crafts stores and they are inexpensive. They also add a touch of fun to the project. Next, have your students work together in pairs or in threes and give them construction paper. Each student should have at least one sheet of brown construction paper. Then, have them draw one hand on the sheet of paper. Add more fingers afterwards. The thumb should stick out farther than the rest of the fingers, because it will be the turkey’s head. From this point on, your students can decorate their turkeys as they please. When they are finished, cut out the turkeys and attach them to the bulletin board.

– Pumpkin Carving: This project should be completed by you but with the help of your students. Your students will help design the carving, and you will wield the knife. When you are done carving, be sure to put in a tea light or some sort of light source in the pumpkin. Turn off the lights and watch as the pumpkin comes to life!

Fall ideas

Leaves are reminiscent of the fall season. Take your students outside and have them collect as many different leaves as they can. Then, once you are back in the classroom, visit this website, which will help your students identify the leaves (and the trees) that they collected. You may also find this website helpful for learning about the various categorizations of leaves.

Once you are done identifying the leaves and the trees from which they fell, your students can then use thumbtacks to attach their leaves on the bulletin board. Create a trunk shape by cutting sheets of construction paper (or any large sheet of brown paper). Then, the leaves can be attached to the tree branches or at the base of the tree.

Even though the fall season may be the beginning of the school year, these activities will help your students become enthusiastic about going back to school.