Finding the right School Environment for your Child

“No Child Left Behind!” This gives true meaning in relation to education and finding the best place for your child to evolve and thrive in the world of learning. This statement expresses my gratitude to the Christian Academy school system as it has opened a new door to learning through education for my son.

In the public school, my son became lost somewhere between students who thrived above him and students who fell below him. He didn’t need medication, however, his learning style and ability to stay focused and attentive, labeled him as a child with Attention Deficit Disorder. I do not believe every child with a learning disability should be medicated. I do understand that the needs of some children’s disabilities do extend beyond their educational learning style and with prescribed medication; these children can advance in the world.

After making the decision to transfer my son to the Christian Academy, I literally witnessed, in less than 3 months time, my son mature emotionally, independently and academically. The transformation taking place was astonishing. Never had I heard him speak so in depth about his learning experience like he spoke of the Christian Academy. Actually, I had to redevelop my own attention span towards his transition as this was a new experience for me, especially to sit with him as he talked incessantly about school projects, activities, and even commenting on his observation of the bright students he looked up to in class. In just a short period of time he had developed a positive outlook; built his confidence and I even noticed him challenging himself rather than giving up as he had done in the past. His mannerisms at home improved, dramatically. At one point I stopped and asked him “What have they done with my son?” He giggled, smiled and replied “It’s a new me, Mom!”

I was uncertain how a smaller classroom/school would affect him as it related to the friendships he would be limited to and the many friends he would be leaving behind at the public Middle school. It is apparent today that I was the one who needed to transform my way of thinking and expectations. My son was doing fine, independently; he kept his friendships he previously established from the public school, but, what an amazing sight when I discovered that his need to be entertained by his friends, twenty four and seven, had diminished.

I have nothing but positive feedback to present when speaking of the Christian Academy school. I most certainly have nothing negative to discuss in regards to other schools; I have merely found that for my son, based on his own individual needs and his style of learning and comprehending; he definitely required a more structured setting with less distractions in an environment that would help boost his confidence and build his morale and the Christian Academy was making this happen.

In my own opinion, I find it very disheartening that a child can become so lost in a place where he or she spends a majority of their time. It doesn’t take long for a child to develop a very low self-opinion. Burning bridges at school doesn’t always depict a defiant student with an inability to be educated. A child’s home life most generally is the key to their positive development in relationship towards school, the faculty and administration, and the student body. As it relates to promoting positive reinforcement, I, myself, as a parent must take a step back and evaluate my own examples I set for my family. Some days can be extremely trying and I often wonder how it reflects on my son’s emotional behavior as he prepares for his day at school.

School is a job for my child as much as my job is a place for me to report to each day. No one wants to spend 40 hours per week in a place where they feel lost, uncomfortable, unhappy or unaccepted. School is not a choice for our children, during their adolescent years, we, as parents are in control of their enrollment; therefore, it is important to ensure they are thriving in an environment that structurally and educationally builds their persona