First Day of School Reading Activities for Kindergarten

The first day of kindergarten is an exciting day, but it is also a day to get to work. Learning to read is one of the major portions of kindergarten, and teachers want to get started right away. There are different activities that can get the teacher started on this day.

Students come into kindergarten with very different skill levels. Some will barely recognize their letters whereas others will be able to read. For the first day of kindergarten, you want to start with the basics to see where everyone is at with their reading. One place to start is through letter recognition.

Students obviously cannot read if they do not know their letters. The teacher can use a projector to project letters or make large flash cards and hold them out to the class. The teacher can ask the children to identify them. Options include asking individual students to volunteer the information or asking them all to call it out together.

The teacher may also want to test the students individually. He or she can have the class do work like coloring while she goes to each student and asks them to recognize the letters on flash cards. 

Reading to children can aid in their own learning process. He or she can read a fun book to the class. She can give a copy of the words to the children so that they can read along as she goes through it. Alternatively, she can place the book on the projector so that they can see the words.

If the students are up to it, the teacher can also start to work on blending sounds together on the first day of kindergarten. Take pieces of paper and put one letter on each piece of paper. Post up three binder clips on a display or on the board that will each hold a paper. Place up three letters that form a word such as C, A, and T for cat. The teacher can show how to blend the words by pronouncing the sound of each letter and then putting it together. They can then change one or more of the letters so that a different word comes up.

There are certain words that are difficult to sound out but are very important and common in reading. These words include “the” and “to.” The teacher can place these words on oversized flash cards and go through them with the students so that they can start to learn them through sight.

Students will hopefully make a great amount of progress in their reading skills during kindergarten. This should start at the very first day. The above activities may be useful in this.