First Indications your Child is having Problems at School

Little Joey has always been excited to share his day at school. He comes home with stories of what he did for the day. He talks about all he has learned and the fun that he had. Then one day Joey comes home from school with no stories to tell. When asked about his day Joey just says, “It was ok.” No shared stories or excitement about his day. He also goes directly to his room after school and will only wear long sleeves are some of the first indicators that your child is having problems at school.

When kids first start school, they are excited about their new adventures. Some kids never like school but those who do express their joy are thrilled to tell about their daily adventures. When your child all of the sudden comes home and no longer talks about his day it is time to realize that something is wrong at school. This is the time to go to the school and find out what is going on. Sometimes it is as simple as other children ignoring your child. If this is caught ahead of time things can be worked out so that your child can get back to enjoying school again.

If your child comes home and goes straight to his room it does not always mean something is wrong, but if he has usually talked to his parents about his day this could mean there is trouble at school. This also indicates that it is time to go to the school and find out what is going on.

A child who has not worn long sleeves in the past but all of the sudden starts wearing long sleeves may have problems at school. It is important to try to get him to let you see his arms. Sometimes a child will be hit by other children. It is important to check his arms and see if he or she has bruises on his arms. If so then it is time to go to the school and find out who is hitting your child.  There could be bullying or maybe just someone he is having issues with. It should be nipped in the bud though.

The most important thing to look for in telling whether or not a child is having trouble at school are changes in behavior. Your child’s behavior will change from time to time, but if it changes drastically in a short period, it is important to find out what is going on. It might not be anything however it is better to be safe than sorry.