Free School Supplies

Free! Anything free is a plus. With the economy being in the position it is in, there is an extra perk to finding something free. It helps keep money in your pocket for something that is not free. Since the 2008-2009 school year is nearing its end and the children are about to go on that long awaited summer break in order to prepare for the next school year, free school supplies can really help parents save money. The average parent will have to spend anywhere from $50 to $150 on school supplies depending on what grade the child is in. This is not including school clothing. The extra money saved by finding free supplies can go toward shoes and clothes.

There are many organizations that donate school supplies around the time school is about to start. But sometimes the lines for the supply give away is longer than a parent’s time to wait. So how can parents find the right place to go before the last minute in order to receive the free school supplies.

1. On line is a great place to start. Be specific on your google search. Instead of typing in free school supplies, type in EX. free school supplies in Dallas, Texas. This will give more detailed information that will not tire you as a parent out before you even go on the trek for the supplies.

2. Call you child’s school. Usually the school counselor will have valuable information on various organizations that host free school supply give-aways. Make sure you do this about a month or so in advance. Remember, the early bird gets the best worm.

3. Check with your local church or community center. The organizations that host these free school supply give-aways will usually either notify the church or community center or will host a give-away themselves. Calling ahead of time will save you a lot of time. If no information is available at the time of your calling, keep trying. You can even ask a representative of the particular organization to call you with the date and time of the give-away. But do not give up. Be persistent about finding out this information. It will save you a lot of stress.

4. Have your own school supply give- away. This is an innovative way to help yourself and others too. You can start by contacting your local superintendent’s office to get a list of what the children will need for the next school year. Next, contact your local church, PTA, or community center and arrange for a school supply drop-off destination. Get the word out by fliers, public radio, newspaper, the news, word of mouth. Arrange a group of people to oversee the drop-off, and make it convenient by having boxes to drop the supplies into. Anything that is new: a pack of pencils, erasers, notebooks can be donated. Some people may even donate back packs and binders. After your cut off date, arrange for parent’s to come and pick up some free school supplies for their children. Don’t forget about saving some for your own children, though. “The worker deserves his wages.” You may find that this is something you will want to do from year to year. This community effort is sure to grow.

Following one or all of these suggestions will help you in your endeavors of finding free school supplies. So do not slack. About a month before the new school years begins, start searching, and you will find. This will help you avoid those long lines of people wanting the same thing.