Fun Home Science Experiments

The greatest way to learn science is by experimenting. Children need hands on experience in order to learn new concepts . Following are lots of the ideas which can be tried both in school and at home. They are easy and would be a lot of fun for the children.These acitivities are appropriate for 3-5 grade students.

1. Making a Cloud:

Children have always been attracted to clouds. What better way to teach how clouds are formed than to make clouds yourself? Put just a little bit of water water into a 2-liter plastic bottle. Light a match (a grownup’s job) and drop it into the bottle. Put the lid on top of the water immediately.  Squeeze the bottle a few times to watch the cloud form.

2. Magic Flowers:

Make children experiment with flowers which would change colour. Simply fill a vase with water. Add 8-10 drops of food colour of your child’s choice. Cut the stem of the flower diagonally. Put it in the vase. Observe a slight change in colour in the petals after a few hours. Leave it soaking in the coloured water overnight and look at the results in the morning!

3. Wiggly Water:

This experiment is very simple and will teach your child about static electricity. Comb your hair vigorously. The hair should be dry. Hold the comb near a thin tickle of water from a tap. The water will move towards the comb.

4. Motion Ocean:

If you want to teach the fact that water and oil never mix than here is a fun experiment for you! Half fill the bottle with water. Add drops of blue food colour and a little glitter. Now add baby oil until the bottle is 3/4th full. Put a floating toy e.g a boat and screw the lid tightly so that it does not spill. Shake the jar and your ocean is all set!

5. Growing your Plant in a Balloon:

This is a fun activity to teach your child how plants grow from seeds. Take a balloon and strech it a few times. Fill half a cup of water in to the balloon using a funnel. Now put 1/4th cup of water in the balloon. Add a few radish seeds . Clean the mouth of the balloon and blow in it.Hang it in a sunlit area and watch your plant grow!