Fun Math Websites for Kids

The Worldwide Web offers tons of tools for both adults and children from social networking and instant messaging to shopping and bill paying. For kids. the Internet has tons of fun activities and can also be a benefit to their homework routines with helpful and educational websites in a variety of subjects including math.

Cool Math 4 Kids:
This website,, is filled with math activities which are, well, cool! Fun puzzles, games, and other activities offer kids a fun alternative to the otherwise-boring aspects of learning and in areas where standard studying may be challenging for them, including long division, decimals, and fractions. The site is easy for children to navigate and understand with a layout and appearance that are sure to grab their attention and activities that are sure to keep it!

Fun Brain:
At, kids will play a variety of games that will assist in the process of learning math, including Math Arcade, Math Baseball, Math Car Racing, and Number Cracker, just to name a few. It also contains many more math activities and games as well as games in various other subjects.

Math Playground:
Another fun and interactive website, has several fun math games and activities and even features math videos. This website is designed for elementary- and middle school-aged children.

Math Cats: is a site filled with math games and activities, all hosted by the cute and cuddly kitties, the Math Cats. They offer great games and activities, math story problems, math crafts, and even math art! Kids can also chat with other kids and even learn how to start their very own math club!

A+ Math: is developed to help kids improve their math skills in an interaction and enjoyable environment. At A+ math, kids will find a game room, practice math with flash cards, and can even print out math sheets for extra practice and get a homework buddy!

Kids Numbers: is a fun and educational tool to assist children in the learning process with lots of fun games and activities to make learning enjoyable. Kids can practice all aspects of math at Kids Numbers, including addition, subtraction, and multiplication in a fun way without the stress and pressures of homework. Included are games such as Mount Mathatobie, Number Drop, and many more.

The World Wide Web is filled with fun, interactive learning sites to assist your child in their educational experience. These are just some of which are available. To find more, try popular search engines such as Google, and you will be sure to find others that are also lots of fun. You could even speak to your child’s teacher, who may other sites to suggest. Computers are nowadays a very popular and common aspect of children’s lives. Letting them help them learn is a great way for them to utilize them!