Funding for School Lunches should there be help for those who are in need

Schools a lost generation
It is no surprise to me that there is a problem with the school system’s, look at the graduation rates and the levels of education that the majority of the youth end at. I saw first hand how the education works from testimonials from friends in the chicagoland area and even myself as a recent highshool graduate there is an epidemic of ignorance that is sweeping the nation like a plague. First there is the issue of money in the educational system that is none existent. When I was was in Highschool three years ago there was a shortage of equipment, teachers and supplies. The shcool petitioned a referendum to the taxpayers asking for their help but in the end it was in vain. The referendum didn’t past, so now the students have football, basketball, track, and cheerleader as there only options to express themselves. Is this an injustice or just a result of the middle class crashing on a foundation of sand? The Second and most important catalyst to to the education equation is the parent. They are the first teachers and by far the most important influence in a young persons life. Even with today’s break down of the family system there should be a greater level of importance on the the children from the parents and the teachers. Now we come to the teachers and we run back into the first issue of money. Teachers, God bless them, are fighting an overwhelming battle of social issues in the classroom that America puts on their shoulders and walks away. What I mean by that is the teachers don’t get paid enough for the work that they do and we the public look down on them for failing the youth. Now lets break down the situation more and answer me this, how can a teacher with a life of their own, family, balance a classroom that is too full, and under supplied? I occasionally saw parents who instead of complaing to the system they would give the teacher an ear full on how they were inadequate. No wonder there is a shortage of people who are really dedicated to making a difference in an umcoming generation its an epic battle that isn’t meant for the weak minded. Then there is the politicians the most trusted people in America. They promise us no child left behind and more money but all the children get is more empty promises from a person they don’t know who got his priorities mixed up. The real issue isn’t pointing out the issues because the people living them everyday know what they are the problem is what are we going to do about it and stop talking, talk is cheap, actions can move mountains