Funding for School Lunches should there be help for those who cannot Afford them

Should we feed our children? Of course we should! No matter how much money a child’s parent has, the child should be allowed to eat at school. First of all, many parents work, and unfortunately, forget that their child has told them their lunch account is out of money. Lets face it, kids will be kids and forget themselves. Does this mean that they should have to starve the next day, or two? I believe not. We should most definitely offer reduced lunches for lower income families, and always assist any children, even on regular priced lunches, should any issues arise. If a child is not on a reduced lunch based on their income, they should still be allowed to eat if their account is out of money. Send a note home, or place a phone call, to get your reimbursement. Second, how can we not feed these children? In our country it is required that all children, starting at age 5, be in school. So if we require these children to go to school, then we should at least find a way to accommodate their nutrition needs. I’m five years old, my shirt is torn in several places, my jeans have holes in both knees, and my shoes were passed down from my older sister, to my next older sister, and now to me. My family can just barely afford to feed me at night, and sometimes my dinner consists of a can of vegetables and a glass of water. When I get to the end of the line I am told that there’s no money in my account, so I am unable to eat lunch today. Slowly I sulk to a corner somewhere, embarrassed, but mostly hungry. Should any child have to feel this way? Of course not. Again, we are forcing these children to go to school, at least we can offer some assistance to those whose families cannot afford to feed them properly all the time. Here we are, sending money, medicine, food, and clothes to third world countries- great for us- but we don’t think we can afford to feed a few of our own children in the process? That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard! We should be able to offer any child assistance who needs clothes or food. In summary, I believe we should most certainly offer reduced lunches, if not free for some students, like the one in my story. Which is made up, by the way.