Fundraising tips for Elementary and Middle Schools

Whether it’s a school, church, or a non profit organization, funds get low. The cost of books, supplies, and educational resources are higher today than ever before. Many organizations are in financial need and aren’t sure where to go for help. They don’t want to take out a loan but do need to raise money for their business needs.

Fundraisers can be so effective but over the years they’ve lost their appeal. If you have children, you know that selling candy isn’t unique and can get very boring, not just for the one selling the candy but also for the consumer. Yes, over the years they’ve added wrapping paper, cookie dough, and even flower bulbs to their catalogues which is nice but not very creative.

There are much more interesting ways to raise much-needed funds. Here are some ideas that are very creative and fun to participate in. These were geared towards a youth group but could be used for other organizations as well.

Auction – Every kid has chores; at least the ones I know do, so talk to them about which chores they are good at doing or things that they are capable of completing. When you’ve compiled a list you can auction off their services. Start the bidding at one dollar and you’d be surprised at how much money they can raise. It is best if an adult accompanies the child when they go to complete the service. This is for the safety of the child.

Ticket sales – If your children are involved in any type of sport you’ve probably seen the “team mom” selling raffle tickets at one of the sporting events. Well you can use this idea and put a creative twist on it. Have people buy tickets for 10 cents a piece. Tell them that 10 percent of the ticket sales will be given to the winner. So not only will this encourage ticket sales, both the winner and the organization will reap the benefits.

Talent show – Most kids have special talents, it could be singing, dancing, or just being goofy; they love to perform. Hold a talent show and invite the community and charge a dollar or two for admission.

Date night – Parents don’t have enough time alone so having a few hours to themselves on a Friday night would be a blessing. Have a group of teens babysit for the church members children so they can have a date night. They’ll raise money and mom and dad can have a much needed break.

Instead of sticking to the usual candy fundraiser, be creative and use one of these or use your imagination and plan something unique. Raising money for a good cause should be exciting so put the fun back in “FUNdraiser” and do something different.