Games that Promote Reading Skills

Reading is one of the most beneficial skills that one can achieve. It opens numerous doors through education, personal opportunities, and understanding how. Very young children learn reading readiness skills by learning what things are, their purpose, and how they relate to other things. They don’t really know that they are learning they are just satisfying their natural curiosity. In early childhood education children learn some of the basic fundamentals of reading such as the letters and their sounds. They learn that if they put the letters together they form words, words that name the objects of their earlier and future curiosities. As children grow they learn many more components of reading.

Reading is a multi-faceted skill and is developed in many ways. Games have become a very good source of education and knowledge. There are many games available that encourage and promote reading skills.

Reading Skills Bingo is a series of bingo games which sharpen essential reading skills including decoding, phonemic awareness, recognition of rhyming words, matching letters and sounds, and vocabulary and word recognition.

Sight-Words Challenge Games are board games that foster the use of sigh words in context and identifying high frequency words.

Wiz Kidz is a family game that reinforces vocabulary, phonics, and word categorizations.

Think-It-Through is a game that requires one set of tiles and the tiles can be used with a series of books. The game can be played by one person or several people. It has a built in self-check component and builds phonemic skills, early reading skills, language skills, and visual perception skills.

The internet provides many online game websites. A few of these are Two of the games on this site are The Grammar Gorillas which focuses on identifying the parts of speech and What’s the Word a game where the player has to choose the word that matches the picture.

Another site is  and two of its games are Vocabulary Pinball which is an actual pinball game that uses letters instead of points and Stingray Chaser which is a “hunt and get rid of the enemy” game.  

Jump Start has both computer software and a website which has reading games for children of all ages.

Scrabble and Boggle are two of the classic games which cultivate reading skills and they also have a junior version for young children.

People remember information that is received through heightened emotions and having fun while trying to win or reach the highest score thus, games are a wonderful way to encourage, develop and promote reading skills.