Games to Encourage Children to Read

Teaching children to read at a young age enriches their speech and understanding of language. Children learn more when it is fun, as they engage and show more interest. There are many fun ways to incorporate games into reading. Keeping it fun can encourage children to remember and learn more.

Here are some games that promote reading skills:

• Games for everyday tasks

There are many opportunities throughout the day where reading can be incorporated, as the more children are around words, the easier reading will become. A fun way to teach word recognition in young children is by placing cards around the home to identify objects. This way they get to see common words which will soon be remembered. This helps to reinforce reading skills in a fun way. Another way to encourage reading is to get children to assist in getting to destinations by asking them to read out road signs. Having them read road signs will get them reading, while having fun, and they will feel important. Finding ways to encourage reading for everyday tasks is a great way to promote reading skills and keep the focus on fun, and children will enjoy learning to read without realizing it.

• Food fun with words and phrases

Another fun way to promote reading is by getting children involved with shopping. Create a simple shopping list with words and pictures for younger children, and ask them to help find the items on the list. This will give them a head start with reading as they get to match the words to the pictures. For older children, help them to spell out the words. They will enjoy helping with an important task, and they will learn how to spell and read at the same time. Next, have children design a menu that can make mealtimes more fun. They get to read from the menu to find out what the meal is going to be. Children relish in helping with mealtimes and shopping, and adding reading into the equation makes it educational.

• Basic games

Many basic games can be created to help promote reading skills. One such game is matching pairs; the concept is simple, yet fun. Create pairs of picture cards and clearly write the corresponding words underneath. The fun starts when players turn over two cards at a time to find a pair; each time they get to read out what the picture is. This is a fun game that children love, and it enhances memory skills and reinforces picture-word association. There are many games available for children of different ages and skills that promote reading skills. A favorite with many is Scrabble which has several versions designed for different age groups. Playing games is a great way to encourage and promote reading skills in children, as they are having fun and learning without realizing.

Reading helps children to understand language, have a wider vocabulary, learn how to spell, and form sentences. Learning to read is an important life skill. Reading should be part of each day to ensure that children have a lifelong love of reading. Enjoy games that promote reading for great success.