Ged Books

Passing the GED test is an admirable goal for anyone who was not able to finish his or her high school diploma.  For some it may seem like a difficult task lying ahead of them, but by using one or more of these books of study material, the GED should be easier to prepare for than ever.

Cracking the GED, 2011 Edition (College Test Preparation) by Princeton Review

This 2010 book by Princeton Review is not a book trying to teach the reader every possible fact that could be on the test.  Instead, the book focuses on better test taking strategies from the process of elimination to writing a better essay. It teaches how to read graphics and give practice tests.

Barron’s GED with CD 2011

This is a quality book that supplies adequate practice tests and conveys the material to the reader in a clear and concise manner that is easy for the person taking the test to understand. It covers all of the basics that will be covered in the subject matter and supplies the reader with the minimum preparation materials necessary for success.

Master the GED 2012 by Petersons

With this book, the reader is getting one of the most current books on the market with updates for 2012. Released in July of 2011, this is a good choice for preparation for 2012. It reviews all of the subject matter and has three full-length practice tests.

Cliff Notes GED Cram Plan 2011

The unique part of this book is that it can be geared to however much time the person has to study and prepare.  It has two months, one month, and one week cram plans. It has one full-length test and test taking strategies. Another key component is the diagnostic test that will allow the reader to focus on the weakest areas.

GED Exam Secrets Study Guide: GED Test Review for the General Educational Development Test

The book includes five secret keys to exam success as well as many other tips and tricks to ace the GED. A strength of this book is teaching time management, understanding the importance of key words, addressing other issues dealing with math such as graphing. It emphasizes the importance of not panicking and checking work. This is a good practical guide.

The GED for Dummies 2010

While not a comprehensive course for the GED, this book really is a better resource for just understanding what the test is and what will be required to take the GED.  It has a couple practice tests but may not be the most comprehensive.

Kaplan GED Complete Self-Study Guide for the GED Tests

This is highly rated GED study guide that gives a good comprehensive look at the subject matter while still offering tips for studying and test taking.  It even gives calculator lessons too. It gives hundreds of practice questions and detailed explanations of the answers. It provides diagnostic to assist with understanding problem areas.

Whether searching for some practice tests or a comprehensive course, several of these books will suit the needs of the reader and will hopefully result in a passed exam.