Getting School Supplies Cheaply School Pencils how to Save Money on School Supplies

School pencils, so simple a thing, so many choices, but the criteria that has to be met for all of them is almost always price. School kids, by nature, lose things on a daily basis, so much so they could make a profession upon it. Rulers, pencils, pens, rubbers, protractors, compasses, even pencil cases. All such small items, so easily lost, every parent knows to have a draw full of them somewhere at home for that inevitable re-occuring day when their child returns home asking if they can have another pen or pencil. So it’s every parent’s desire to have plenty of spares, but also not have to pay a fortune for those spares.

So, pencils, how can we save money? Overall we can save money by that endlessly handy combination of rubber ended pencils, why give your child two items to lose when that small bit of rubber on the end tends to cost another 5 pence from WHS Smith. I have always found that these pencils are far more economical.

Secondly, bulk, short of going down to a wholesaler and ordering a crate of pencils, which would without doubt, be the cheapest, we should always buy in bulk as much as possible. Buying lots of small packets of five pencils would be silly when we could by a few packs of twenty pencils, especially as most companies sell bigger packets for a smaller price per item.

We must always remember that time is money, while that hunt for cheaper pencils may provide you with a cheaper price there is really no need, WHSmith on the high street can provide a packet of twenty, rubber ended, pencils for $2 at my local store. Why hunt around to save a few more cents when that time could far better be spent on other things, the time spent looking is just not worth the money saved on pencils.

However not every child has the same needs, there are nowadays new pencils which have specially designed grips that aid handwriting extensively for children that have trouble gripping a pencil, or just general handwriting problems, for students that don’t often lose their possessions then mechanical pencils may be better, as they can be used all the way up to the time they run out without the annoyance of a shortened pencil that becomes almost impossible to write coherently.

So to wrap up then, we are looking for cheap, but still good quality, rubber ended pencils in bulk and easily available should the stock need to be re-filled. The high street should be the first place to look at, for the big brands tend to offer high quality at cheap prices due to the sheer size and efficiency of their production lines and they will usually offer and range of packet sizes, as well as pencil sizes and styles to suit. All at the ease of our local WHSmith or stationer.