Girls are not Smarter than Boys – No

Over the past few decades, the feminist movement has advanced several ridiculous theories, one of them being that young girls are superior to young men in both intelligence and maturity. They claim that their outlandish and absurd claims are backed up fully by science. Looking back through history, many claims have been made about the several races and the two sexes, and those who advance such claims always claim science as their ally. Case in point – Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP’s racial theories about the supremacy of the Aryan race and the inherent inferiority of the other races, particularly Africans, Slavs, and Jews. According to all the top Nazi scientists, scientific research fully supported the twisted view that the Nordic race was inherently superior to all others.

How does this relate to the topic at hand, you ask? It relates precisely because of the fact that for years we have been hearing that boys fall far behind girls in maturity, intelligence, and ability. Despite being wholly and virulently sexist, it is totally false. The sexes are more or less the same when it comes to academic matters – there are both smart boys and girls, and dumb boys and girls. Not all girls are smart and certainly not all boys are dumb. Many would cite test scores or other assessments of intelligence to claim that girls learn better, more quickly, and retain information better. Is it any wonder that boys seem to be under-performing when we are feeding them this propaganda that they are deficient?

As I said before, the sexes are more or less equal in the intellectual realm. Boys have certain advantages over girls, and girls over boys – that is true, but in the end they equal each other out. Girls tend to be more talkative and engage more in gossip at school, which obviously takes them away from their school work. Boys tend to daydream about going outside and playing football with their friends. Both sides neglect to do their homework sometimes and both genders receive failing grades at some point. To say that one gender is superior to another in the academic realm or that girls are any easier to teach than boys is simply ludicrous. I would also venture to say that it is a sexist assertion. How is this statement any different than “Whites are easier to teach than blacks”? It is no different.