Girls have better Handwriting than Boys – True

There are many commonly held beliefs in our society about the differences between boys and girls.  For example, there is a general consensus that boys are better at math and science than girls.  It is often believed that girls are better listeners than boys and boys are better athletes than girls.  Of course it would be ridiculous to call these beliefs absolute truths; that they are always accurate.  Certainly there are and will always be exceptions to these “rules.”  There will always be a girl that is good at math and science, a boy that is an exceptional listener, and a female star athlete.  However, one of these generalities seems to be correct more often than not.  This particular “rule” is regarding handwriting. 

 It is very common to see beautiful handwriting and to realize that it is the handwriting of a female, rather than that of a male.  In fact, it is much less common to see that same handwriting coming from a boy; so much so, that when that same stunning handwriting comes from a male, it is quite surprising; almost unbelievable.  I am all of twenty-six years and I have only run across a few males that have impressed me with their gorgeous penmanship.  In regards to the few examples of exquisite male handwriting that I have seen, I have questioned in disbelief whether or not those men actually had written the articles in question. 

 In general, I guess it is fair to say that girls usually have better handwriting than boys; however, there are some males that have equally beautiful, sometimes even better penmanship than girls.  The question is “why?”  I believe it is because society places a very large emphasis on females to be beautiful in everything they do.  Girls are taught that it is important to be pretty in every way possible, including their handwriting.  Looks are less emphasized to boys; they are taught to do the work right and concern themselves less with how it looks.  Society also allows boys to have less than great handwriting simply because they are boys.  In general, girls are expected to take their time and make something look good and boys are taught to finish fast and get the job done. 

 In conclusion, I believe that in general, girls do have better handwriting than boys, but that societal pressures are the reason.  It has nothing to do with the abilities of males or females but the way that they are socialized.  It is also clear that handwriting is not the only area where boys and girls are treated differently.  As I have already mentioned, the areas of math and science, listening, and athletics are also taught to children based on sex.  So until society changes the norms that males and females are taught, we can expect to continue seeing only the occasional dazzling penmanship from boys and rare mathematical genius from girls.