Goldilocks and the three Bears Lesson Ideas

Invite Goldilocks and her three friends, the bears, into your classroom. With their story, they can help you teach your students many things. Introduce your children to Goldilocks and let her do the work!

Character study

At circle time, read your students the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Her actions will lead to a discussion of right and wrong. Goldilocks enters the home of the bears without their permission. She breaks their chairs and eats their porridge. She sleeps in their beds. What should she have done? Is there something she needs to do to make things right? Together, have the students right an extension of the story.

Creative expression

Young children love to act out the stories that they know. Download masks at Sparklebox onto sturdy card stock. Cut out the puppets, including the happy and the unhappy version. Glue them onto a large craft stick. Using the masks, let the gets put on a Goldilocks performance.

The power of three

Young students learn concepts better when they have a physical representation of the concept. Teach math and the concept of three using the story of Goldilocks as well as the Three Little Pigs, Three Bill Goats Bluff and And Tango Makes Three. Give the children pictures of the story characters that come in groups of three. Students will cut out the pictures and glue them on construction paper in groups of three. Using their fingers, they will count them, ‘1, 2, 3’ together.


Creative play helps students practice what they have learned. Cut out pictures of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Remember, the pictures simply need to be pictures of a blonde girl and three bears of varying sizes. Glue the pictures on to card stock. Cut them out again. Place a magnet from an adhesive magnetic strip. For protection, cover each entire magnet with clear contact paper, front and back. Using a magnetic whiteboard or a cookie sheet, let students play with the magnets as they act out the story. 

Listening center

Record the story on to a CD or buy a professional copy. Add this story to your listening center for your students to use during center rotation.

Sorting it out

Help students make a Goldilocks puppet from a paper lunch bag and construction paper. Curl her hair by cutting it into strip and run the edge of the scissors on the strips. Give each child a bucket of colorful counting bears. Have Goldilocks separate the bears, sorting them according to their colors. Then, have the child count the number of bears in each color and fill in a graph.

Goldilocks will have fun in your classroom, teaching your children. Invite her and her bear friends in this year.