Great Children Fiction Books

♦Great Hooks on Children’s Books♦

As you and I both know, children are our future. Without children raised in a nice, educating, and  secure environment, we can’t assure ourselves that we will have that comfort of living when we grow to become older individuals. Within the case of educating our youth, there are quite a few remarkable books. These books allow themto see what the real world will be like. Children constantly want to learn about the real world, but aren’t typically able to. They aren’t able to because we don’t want our younger kids to be able to be put into tough situations. We have stress and the last thing that we want is for our young youth to have to deal with stress.There are quite a few titles that appeal to the typical child. As you may know, when I refer to child, I’m referring to an  individual 4-9 years old. Typically 10-12 is considered a pre-teen, and 13 and up is considered a teenager. Below are a list of books that children love to read. Below there are age groupings due to asimple fact, or possibly an opinion. A 4 year old won’t like the same book as a 9 year old. So without further adieu let’s begin our journey into the world of children’s books.            

AGE-(4-6)        “Green Eggs and Ham”- “Green Eggs and Ham” is a children’s book composed by none other than the infamous Dr. Seusss. This book  features a very big theme. The theme of “Green Eggs and Ham” is to teach children to always be willing to try new things. Children usually don’t like to make changes in their life, and like to stick with what they’ve always known. This books teaches them that new things aren’t alwaysbad. If we don’t become open minded, we can never expect to evolve. Children are no different in this case. Say a child likes one specific toy. Heshe always plays with it no matter what. This is a time to offer new suggestions. The toy heshe likes to play with is not going to last until they grow tired of it most likely. It’s always best to have choices just in case something happens to the first toy. Therefore Dr. Seuss did a great job in writing this childrens’book to help the kids understand that trying something new is not a bad thing, but instead a good thing.

AGE-(7-9)         “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”- “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” is one of the most commonly known books throughout. This book is about a little girl name Goldilocks who sneaks into a family of bears’ home while they are not home. When the bears arrive, they are devastated, and wind up finding Goldilocks asleep in the mother bear’s bed. The bears are very upset, and it’s obvious to see why they are mad. This story teaches children that it is never okay to take anything without asking. In the real world it is referred to as stealing, and the punishment is jail. If the point is put across to the kids at a young age, the chances of stealing are greatly decreased. The kids that read this book, and know what happens in the real world will be able to reflect upon their decisionsbefore making them. Therefore, this is a great book to help teach that it’s never okay to steal another person’s possessions.