Great Educational Websites for Children

There are many reasons why I submit "" as the preeminent choice as for retrieving educational information for children over the Internet. First, and foremost,is the management, as they are adament about keeping the site filtered and friendly for children. Proof in the pudding is that recently the New York Public School System established a formal relationship with, and now the children of New York uses Answers’ site for their informational/educational queries.

Also, and importantly, provides information versus links, and provides this information via a plethora of highly qualified reference resources (Wikipedia, Houghton Mifflin, Thompson Gale, et al.) A vote of confidence in this proclamation of preeminent choice was made by a major player in the Internet/Media world…..Google. Google in the past year made it’s primary source for it’s "definition" link on user searches. replaced as the preferred destination for specific (defintion) information. has been steadily growing with respect to it’s user base. One only needs to look at, or Hitwise (although this is subscription based) to see that is attracting a great deal of attention. These two aforementioned entities track internet traffic, and recent checks placed as one of the Top 200 trafficked sites on the planet. This is somewhat amazing growth given that has only been available for free (use to be a subscription model) for a little over a year.

The site promises only to get better, as they have recently acquired "Brainboost" (, and plans to integrate their innovative technology. Essentially Brainboost is a Metasearch Engine that endeavors to answer natural language questions (versus keyword search) with specific answers. This integration with the current site will be quite impressive, and even more so when it is augmented to be multi-lingual.

Check out the site for your children’s online questions, or any questions for that matter, as I think you will be surprised at how long you and the kids stay on the site, and furthermore, will be surprised at how much you learn.….Now You Know