Great science websites for kindergarten children

To spark the imagination of young kindergartners, a great way to engage them in Science is through online activities. With the Internet being such a huge source of information for everyone it’s no wonder it’s important to know about what is out there to help our children learn better.

65 percent of children are visual learners, and through technology we can encourage children to learn the fascinating and fun subject of Science.

One great website is Here they have great interactive games for colors, shapes, animal, plants, seasons, five senses, vehicles, food chain, human body, computer, personal hygiene, water cycle, and the solar system. This will help engage your child in topics that aren’t always taught in kindergarten, but they may be interested in as a science buff. 

A popular website is PBS provides games from popular shows like Sesame Street, Sid the Science Kid, and Curious George. All the games are free of charge and teach children about different beginning aspects of science. is a planning website if you’d like to follow a structured learning plan about plants, vegetables, and flowers. If you have a child that is very interested in any of these subjects there are great details about some fascinating activities. contains science and every other subject you can imagine. It doesn’t stop at Kindergarten so if your child really loves science, they can soar past their grade level. is a great website for children who have a hard time navigating computers. They use voice instructions and larger buttons; both easier ways for kindergartners. There is letter learning, numbers, shapes, addition, interactive story books, and holiday themed games. has a lot of games for kindergartners of all levels. It is really geared to help children strive to be their best by providing extremely fun games they can relate to.  There is math, reading, and just games for fun.  However, this is one website that has been found to have a wider selection than most. It is also more interactive than most that have been found. provides games for every grade level through grade 6. They provide interactive videos to go with a lot of their games making their page very unique.  The graphics are great, but the appeal more to boys than girls. This may be a great learning tool for the child that loves to keep busy because it’s a site that is very busy. has a selection of games that includes using a clock for children.  Many children have a hard time learning to tell time and this is a really great tool in helping your children learn how to tell time. This website also helps with counting, letters, number recognition and there are matching games. The graphics are amazing and the site is very child friendly.  

If you haven’t noticed, all of the websites listed are free of access. Having access to free learning is a great tool for every child and especially the parents. There is another great website,, but they do require a fee for a lot of their services. Possibly think about using this website if your child needs some extra help and you cannot get it through free services. 

Happy Science Learning to all!