Guidelines for Substitute Teachers

Guidelines for Substitute Teachers

Substitute teaching can be rewarding, fun, and frustrating all at the same time. As a substitute you are required to walk into someone else’s classroom, teach their lessons, and work within the parameters left for you. However, this can be fun and interesting if you come prepared. By setting forth a few guidelines you can have a very rewarding experience, no matter what the age level or subject you are teaching.

First of all, make sure you are familiar with the school’s guidelines and rules. This way, you are able to handle almost any situation that is thrown at you, and also keep your substituting job.

Secondly, make sure you arrive in time to look over the lesson plans and materials the teacher has left for you before the students arrive. I like to give myself at least ten to fifteen minutes to familiarize myself with any plans that have been left for me.

Third, make sure that the students know who you are, in every sense. Don’t just introduce yourself and let it go at that. Students always think that they can pull one over on the subs, don’t let that thought linger. I like to introduce myself and give them my rules right off the bat. This way they know I’m serious and that I will follow the rules without allowing them time to get out of hand.

Finally, have fun with the students. As a sub you need to teach the lessons that the teacher has left for you, but they often leave filler work for the students to complete, which leaves plenty of time for the classes to obtain social time’ and get a little rowdy. I like to look over the lessons they have complete (i.e. look through the Literature Teacher’s guide and find the questions or test areas) and then play quiz games. Students have fun with this and they like to show off to the new’ teacher. Even though most students in this area know me by now, they always like to show me what they’ve learned since the last time I was in one of their classes. If this can’t work for some reason, have students get homework from other classes and instigate a tutoring session. You can use peer tutoring and walk through the class, helping whoever needs a little extra aid.

By following these guidelines, you can have a great experience with little frustration.