Healthy Things to Eat at Breakfast

Breakfast has long been acknowledged as the most important meal of the day. It is essential to have breakfast in order to fuel your body so that you can make the most of the day ahead. School children need to have a nutritious breakfast each and every morning. This will help keep them alert and focused as the day progresses.

A large portion of the general population is running behind schedule most days, and sometimes this can lead to the forfeiture of certain things, most notably breakfast. This is unacceptable. Children need to start their school day off with a healthy dose of nutritious food. Parents must not allow for breakfast to be skipped, nor should they allow the food intake to be of a poor nature. The simple recipe in these regards is “garbage in, garbage out”.

There are many quick and healthy breakfast ideas for school children that can allow for them to perform to the best of their ability. Parents should ensure not only that their children have received sufficient sleep, but that they are full before they venture off to school. No matter the time frame you are saddled with in terms of getting going in the morning, take the additional few moments to ensure that your children are fed well.


The quickest and easiest possible thing to have children eat in the morning is fruit. Fruit can be cut and sliced at night to save a bit of time in the rushed morning. Things such as apples, oranges, banana, grapes, and berries are not only delicious, but they provide your child with some essentials that they could not do without.

Fruit can also be added to other items to maximize the nutritional value of a healthy and quick breakfast. For example, a bowl of cereal is gussied up nicely with some sprinkling of fruit. Apple slices with peanut butter are quickly gobbled up by many children. With peanut butter rarely allowed in schools, children yearn to have some, and using it to dress up an apple quickly doubles the merit of this snack.


Yogurt and Yogurt drinks are another fine way to start the morning of a school child. Most children love yogurt, and it is good for them. Once again, fruit can be stirred in to the yogurt for added nutrition. Granola can be crumbled into yogurt as well, which is also a nice, quick breakfast food. The yogurt drinks provide a boost as well for your children.


Alone, or dressed up with fruit, cereal is a quick and easy way to begin the day. It should be accompanied by a glass of water or real fruit juice. There are many varieties of cereal that are healthy and wholesome, but make sure to let your child pick out the one they prefer (from a selection of healthy cereals).


Children, as well as adults, rarely have enough hydration to fully function at optimum capacity. Make sure that your children are beginning the day with a stomach full of food and drink. They need their bodies to run smoothly and efficiently. As parents, it is your duty to ensure that your children are given proper opportunities to flourish.


Eggs can be done in myriad manners, and children should be given some options as to how they want them prepared. An omelet with chicken and cheese would be a very filling breakfast to start their day. No matter how they take their eggs, a slice of toast and a glass of juice should adorn the sides of their plate.

Each child is different, and some children struggle with finicky personalities. Parents need to establish a set routine for breakfast, and adhere to this on a daily basis. Children that start their day off on the right foot tend to end the day on the right foot as well. Parents cannot possibly ask for anything more.