Help Child Learn new Language

Parents are always looking for new ways to help their children learn a foriegn language. This is difficult sometimes because the parents do not the new language themselves.

First you and the child should decide what foriegn language he or she would like to learn. Dicuss what the benifits are of knowing the langauge. Study the culturol background of the langauge.

Here are some questions you should think about with the child before making a decision- What countries is the language spoke in? Is it hard to learn? Study the culture of the country where the language is from as well.

One way to help a child learn a new langauge is to get a tutor or a teacher. Someone who knows the language well. The teacher/tutor should know how to speak and write the langauge. Look at your options and review over them to find which one fits the needs you are looking for.

Buy dvds or cds for the child to watch or listen to for extra pratice.

Get software for the computer that teaches you how to say words correctly in the new language. These can be very helpful because it has voice record which can tell when the person is saying the word right or wrong and help to make corrections so the word is said correctly.

Help your child make flash cards and offer to help them study.

Give the child or have the tutor give the child vocabulary words to study inbetween class periods. The child can write the words or practice saying them to help to memorize them.

If possible a good way to help a child learn a new language is to know the language yourself so that you understand the language and know the words and spelling to help the child study.

People have several different reasons to learn a new langauge. Some just want to learn for educational purposes, others want to learn a new language for traveling purposes and some children are required to learn a new language in school.

The best advice I can give is just to study and practice, have paitence, and most of all do not give up. Another thing that helps is repitetion of writing and speaking.

As a parent you should have paitence and be willing to help anyway possible. It can be very benifical if you are supportive to your child. Learning a new langage takes time.

These are some examples on how to help a child learn a new Foriegne language.Good Luck!