Help with Homework

Children who are able to attend school spend the entire day learning at school with the help of a teacher. Oftentimes, that teacher assigns work for the student to complete at home. However, the student does not have the guidance of his or her teacher to help complete this work. Does that mean they should tough it out alone? The answer is no. A child should get the help they need with homework at home. They should not have to struggle if they do not understand the work.

Parents should help their children with homework because it shows that they are involved in the child’s schoolwork. It is important for young students to know that their parents are aware of what they are doing in school and that they are available to help with anything the child needs. If the child gets no encouragement at home, why would they try hard in school?

Sometimes a child will come home with something he or she does not fully understand. They may not have completely grasped it in class or they may have been introduced to something new in their homework. If their parent does not help them understand their work, they will struggle through it and possibly do badly. Should they have to go to school the next day with incorrect homework when they could have done better with a little explanation? No, that it is entirely unfair.

Helping your child with his or her homework does not mean sitting over them and correcting every mistake they make. Helping your child with their homework means being available if they have a question and going over their work with them when they are finished. It does not take much time and it goes a long way. Children whose parents do not check their homework or make themselves available to answer questions are probably more likely to hand in consistently incorrect homework. If they do not understand it and no one is checking them, they have no chance of answering correctly . . . on purpose.

Most of all a parent should help their child with their homework because it shows the child that homework is important. If you ignore it, they will learn to ignore it too. If you want your children to do well in school and care about their grades then you have to care about their homework. This little bit of coaching at home can go a long way in the classroom. If you can make them understand at home, that is less time they have to spend asking questions about things they should already know (if you had helped them) and more time they can spend on learning the next thing.