Help with Homework

In todays lifestyle most American families cozy up with a good book or tune in to their favorite TV show as soon as dinner and the dishes are done.  However, if you a parent or guardian of a child, tween or teen the evenings is when most students attempt hours of homework.  During that time, as parents we need to be there, checking math problems, correcting grammar in their writing assignments and reviewing language vocabulary.

Why do we need to help our children, tween and teens with their homework?  It is the amplified importance on standardized testing and the strong competition for college admissions at an affordable cost.  The amount of studies that are needed to be educated can not be covered in a given school day.  The results are kids have to accomplish more on their own which in turn means more homework.  That is where a parent comes in to assist.

There are several ways to help with a students homework.  With todays technology get them to use the computer.  The Internet is an amazing resource haven.  The information that they need to complete their homework is only a modem away.  However, parents need to supervise almost all of the time the student is on the Internet.  Kids nowadays do not realize that cutting and pasting from the Internet is plagiarism.  If your child is turning school work projects that are suspiciously well written, well you know what is going on.

When you child works on the homework using the computer, make sure online study time is used for homework and not for socializing with their friends.  While doing their homework on the computer it is so tempting to send instant messages to their friends.  One solution to prevent this from happening or try to prevent it is to set up two screen names for your child.  One screen name can be used for socializing and the other screen can be used to complete all homework assignments.

When dealing with your child’s homework a parent needs to get involved but not too involved.  Help with the homework but do not do it for them.  Have your child use their learning experience to complete all of the assignments.  Help by giving a lot of positive feedback.  Have your child solve and answer questions four or more at a time, then check their work.  By doing this process you may and will detect errors that might otherwise cause your child to do the entire assignment incorrectly.

A great motivator is to zero in on good work first.  Praise your child for all the work that has being completed correctly.  With kids this age, it is especially important to point out what they did and are doing right.  Often, they interpret corrections as disapproval on your part, and that can be discouraging.  If for some reason the homework assignment is not getting done stop and do not drag on.  If a twenty minute assignment is not further along after an hour, there is something that you child is not receiving.  At that time it is probably advisable to write a note to the teacher asking for further instructions or set up a meeting.

Helping your children not only with their homework but with different aspects of their lives will greatly improve his or her lives skills and become an overall better individual.